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Juno Necklace
Charm Necklace

I absolutely love the style of the charm necklace, it is adorable and easy to add/remove charms whenever you want to! Only thing keeping it from a 5⭐️ is that it does get little kinks in it while you’re wearing it

Goldryn Charm
Isabel Angelica Romeo Zaragozano
The best bookish jewelry

This is my second order from Estori and I couldn't be happier! The Goldryn charm is definitely my favorite piece of jewelry that I own✨️

Goldryn Charm
Gabriella Citek
I’m love it 😍

In total love.

Goldryn Charm
Deborah Hargrave

Goldryn Charm

Perfection, As Always

Beautiful, elegant ring that I'm absolutely obsessed with.

Terrasen Signet Ring
Elsa Vieregg
Incredible store and products

I am obsessed with everything I have bought from this store and the jewlery is amazing. The quality is amazing and these are the best designs of bookish jewelry! 15/10 would recommend this shop

Fireheart Necklace
Paloma Scarpaci
Fireheart necklace

Could not love my necklace more. It’s perfect, dainty and so well made. I adore it. Haven’t take it off since receiving it. It came quickly also!


Such beautiful quality and easy to wear! This brand is by far my favourite when it comes to bookish inspired jewellery!

Excellent quality

I’ve ordered several pieces this year and I have loved every single one. The quality is amazing! The shipping has been relatively quick considering it’s going half way across the world. I’ll definitely continue to grow my Estori collection.

Aelin's Ring
Meghan Anthony

I Am absolutely in love with EVERY piece I have purchased, the Aelin ring is by far, one of the most elegant and beautiful pieces I have the privilege of owning 💕


The ring was just as pictured, and such good quality! I’m so glad I decided to buy it, it’s just what I wanted.

Aelin's Ring
Darby Kramp
Aelin’s Ring & Through Love All Is Possible Ring

I loved my two rings! They’re just what was pictured! I love the engravings on both are clear & detailed. They are just very simple and elegant, they haven’t even tarnished yet and I’ve worn them everyday for the past 3 weeks. I love them!!!!!


Love the ring and absolutely wonderful customer service. 10/10 I will definitely be shopping here again in the future!

Absolutely stunning

I am in love with this necklace, the quality and the design are truly amazing. As a huge fan of the soc books I am so happy to be able to wear a piece of my favorite duology. It’s perfect for day to day wear but also works great for a more elegant look.
10/10 would recommend! :)

Aelin's Ring
Juliette Marechal

i love the ring, it's perfect!! the only thing is that even if i took my finger size, the ring is too small ^^

The Velaris Pendant
Jessica Laslett
Velaris pendant

This is my second pendant from Estori and I'm so in love with it.

It’s perfect it’s dainty

It’s hard to find vermeil jewelry as is let alone bookish vermeil. It is much appreciated because I am allergic to anything that is not sterling silver or gold. I wish the necklaces could be vermeil too but I’m so happy with this perfect piece for now. Keep it up!

Archesian Amulet
Lauren Boyd
Staple piece

This is the piece that got me from a girl who rarely wears jewelry to someone who wears it everyday I'm not working. Love every piece I have got from Jac but I love how subtle this is. Always getting complements on this too!

Velaris Ring
Anna Maria Sym.
A bit late but sooo worth it

The ring is just perfect !!! I love all the small details on the inside and the outside! I had a delay due to custom clearance but both the shop and the shipping company were really polite and helpful!!!

ZA House Layering Chain

Lunathion Pendant
Sarah Fenik

Cannot say enough good things about this necklace, how beautiful, elegant and delicate it is! I love showing off my growing Estori collection!

Kingsflame Pendant
Madison Henderson
Amazing Jewelry!

I have so many pieces from this shop and they’re all incredible and have held up wonderfully over the years

Valkyrie Coin Pendant
Jessie Addison
Tears were shed again

It's been about 6 months since I've read ACOSF and this necklace got me crying again about Nesta, Gwyn and Emerie and how they prevailed despite all the awful things that happened to them. A daily reminder of how strong women can be in the face of adversity. Love this piece so much.

Tears were shed

I got this in the mail 2 days after finishing TOG and when I unpacked it I actually cried. This piece is so beautiful and so meaningful to me, I will cherish it forever.

Always 5 stars

Great necklace! The writing on the chain is really clear and I love that there are two quotes. The charm is really cute and I like that you can also opt to take of the charm and just wear the chain by itself. Love this store, I now have three pieces of their jewelry and they’re all great. Of course I will be buying from here again :)