Track my order

Your Sendle tracking page will show you the overall location of your parcel. There are two ways to find this page:

Option 1:

  1. Find the shipping confirmation email you received from us. (Subject line: "A shipment from order #xxxx is on the way").
  2. Look below the "View your order" button.
  3. Click the blue hyperlinked "Sendle tracking number".
  4. Your Sendle tracking page will open in a new tab.

Option 2:

  1. Go to your order page (either via the Shop app or "View your order" button on the emails we sent you).
  2. Find "Sendle tracking number". 
  3. Click the blue hyperlinked number.
  4. Your Sendle tracking page will open in a new tab.

Are you an international customer? (outside of Australia)

Your parcel is on a long journey to get to you! After leaving Australia, all international parcels first go through Germany to be processed by DHL, then sent to their final destinations.

Once they reach your country, they are handed over to a local postal service.

For more accurate info, track your parcel with your local postal service.

(Note: this can only be done when your parcel has reached your home country.)

How? When your Sendle tracking shows that your package has landed in your home country, use your local tracking code for more accurate shipping info.

Your local tracking code can be found at the bottom of your Sendle tracking page:

find your local tracking number at the bottom of the page

Enter this number with your local postal service tracking tool:

If you need further assistance, don't hesitate to email for help!